We are proud to be the only 5-star luxury hotel not to discriminate our employees. We don’t care if you are black, white, dwarf, giant, gay, lesbian, tattooed, or pierced. If you have the experience and are brilliant in what you do, then you can have a career at the ABC Hotel.


Excellent written communication and arithmetic skills are required.
Proven three to five years of experience as an Executive Assistant or Graduate Certificate preferred.
Attention to detail, excellent organizational skills, and discretion with confidential information.
Must possess good computational ability with emphasis on excel and word applications.
Must have excellent customer relations skills.
Working knowledge of the hospitality industry preferred (but not required).
The ability to work under pressure and handle a challenging situation.
Proactive approach to problem-solving with decision-making ability and a sense of responsibility.


Minimum of 3 years’ experience in Front Office Department of 3-star hotel or higher.
Excellent English communication skills.
Highly customer service oriented.
Energetic and enthusiastic.


At least 2 years of work experience in Sales and Reservations at a Hotel or Resort is strictly required.
Must be fluent in speaking and writing in English.
With knowledge in various sales techniques.
Experience in controlling room inventory and online travel partners is a must.


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Management, Accountancy or equivalent.
At least 1 to 2 years’ experience in related field is required.
Must possess basic ability to speak, read, and write English.
Strong attention to detail and can handle work pressure.
Must be proficient in Word and Excel Applications.
Must have a valid Driving License.


At least 1- 2 years of experience in an Italian Restaurant.
With experience working with Wood Pizza ovens is preferred but not required.
Experienced pizza maker and able to make different types of pizza.
Ability to work in fast paced and high-pressure environment.
With excellent communication skills.


Proven experience as Pastry Chef, Assistant Pastry Chef, Baker, or similar role.
Working knowledge of baking techniques and the pastry-making process.
Creative ability with artistic skill in decorating cakes and other desserts.
A positive attitude and able to work in pressure situations.
Good communication skills.


Must have a valid license or NC II certificate.
Experience working in a spa or therapy center environment preferred.
Proficient knowledge of reflexology, Swedish, hot stone, trigger point, sports, and deep tissue massage.
Comfortable with performing massages on diverse clients.
Good communication and interpersonal skills.
Schedule flexibility is required.


With at least 3 years of experience as a waiter
Must have good communication skills.
Must have positive attitude.
Must have excellent grooming standards.
Ability to work in high pressure working environment.
Committed to deliver high levels of customer service.
Willing to work shifting schedule.
Must be able to speak, read and write in English.


Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy, Management Accounting, or related field.
At least 3 years’ experience in finance or accounting in a service industry.
Experience in hospitality industry or food and beverage is an advantage.
Must have excellent communication skills.
Strong attention to detail and can work in a fast-paced environment.

Interested applicants may send their resumes with photos to
Only qualified candidates with complete requirements will be considered for the position.