A luxurious treat to stay fit and healthy in a paradise away from home.

Wellness and fitness concepts are blended together with a healthy dose of fantasy, playfulness, and excellence at the ABC hotel.

Millionare Spa & Lounge

Recline and get pampered like a Millionaire at this Club Spa.  Surrounded in a rich fantasy-like setting, this spa actually blends – in utmost unconventional manner – spa and bathing facilities with a juice & cocktail bar where friends or partners can chill and socialize to groovy music whilst drinking and enjoying spa services at the same time.

  • Communal massage lounge
  • Private massage rooms
  • Cocktail bar
  • Juice bar (also serves protein shakes)
  • Hot bath
  • Ice shower
  • Showers
  • changing rooms.

Services and products offered:
  • Millionaire Spa Signature Massage
  • Traditional Deep Tissue Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Sport (Thai) Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Body Scrub
  • Foot Spa/Scrub
  • Alternative Ventosa with Organic Ginger
  • Hangover Treatment
  • Head/Scalp Massage
  • Foot Reflexology / Foot Massage
  • Back and Shoulder Massage
  • Facial
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure

Open from 9:00 AM to 2:00 AM

The Forge Gym

Designed by athletes, the Forge Gym offers excellent cardio, calisthenics, and bodybuilding facilities.  This gym covers all basic forms of cardio and its broad range of high-end weight lifting equipment covers every muscle group with multiple exercises.  A follow up protein shake, vegetable juice, hot bath and/or sports massage – all available within the same premises – completes a perfect workout.

  • Treadmill
  • Elliptical
  • Seated bike
  • Row machine
  • Smith machine
  • Squat rack
  • Bench press rack
  • Adjustable pulley tower (mini crossover)
  • Lat pull-down
  • Seated row
  • Shoulder & incline press
  • Leg curl & extension
  • Shrug
  • Triceps push down
  • Ab crunch
  • Sit-up bench
  • Ab coaster
  • Dumbbells (up to 35kg)
  • Barbells
  • Boxing bag
  • Hanging bar

ABC Barber & Salon

This barber and salon covers all beauty and hair parlor services for both men and women.

  • Haircut for men and women
  • Hair straightening iron
  • Hair curling iron
  • Hair color
  • Highlights
  • L’Oreal Hair Spa
  • Semi-Delino with keratin
  • Cellophane treatment
  • L’Oreal Rebonding
  • Ahglow Rebonding
  • Permanent hair curling iron
  • Manicure and pedicure services
  • Facial shave
  • Facial treatment
  • Eyebrow shaving

Open everyday except Wednesday
from 11am until 7pm.

Swimming pools

The resort premises boast one 300m2 roof deck infinity pool, a second pool with a charming artificial beach, and a third pool with direct access to the Aqua Lounge.

Aqua Lounge

Not to be confused with the Aqua Beach Club, the Aqua Lounge is a special hideaway for the bold and kinky couple. Accessible through the swimming pool, it’s a secret retreat couples should look for.